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Curaplex NPA Kits Quickdraw Suction Unit Curaplex Epi-Safe Kits
Curaplex NPA Kits

Curaplex® nasopharyngeal airways are made for the effective management of nasal airways, while providing patient comfort. The soft PVC allows airways to ease the airways into the passages, while reducing discomfort and risk of injury. These airways are latex-free and come in a wide range of sizes.

Quickdraw Suction Unit

At less than three pounds, the compact Quickdraw® is more efficient than traditional suction units.

Curaplex Epi-Safe Kits

All Curaplex® Epi-Safe kits are a cost-effective alternative to using an epi auto-injector. These kits specifically provide a unique syringe that provides an easy-to-use visual indicator for dosing

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