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Ambu King LTS-D
Ambu King LTS-D
The King Airway is a disposable, supraglottic device created as an alternative to conventional, tracheal intubation.
Pulmodyne Control-Cric
Pulmodyne Control-Cric
The Control-Cric System includes the Cric-Knife™ and Cric-Key™. The Cric-Knife has a 10mm long dual sided blade with an integrated sliding tracheal-hook.
Micro-Touch NitraFree Pink Gloves
Micro-Touch NitraFree Pink Gloves
Micro-Touch® NitraFreeTM pink nitrile examination gloves are manufactured without sulfur-based chemical accelerators.


Airway Management

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Can you explain some key clinical features on the pediatric patient with shortness of breath? After this course you will be able to describe the standard treatment approach to the pediatric patient with shortness of breath, and be able to identify the key vital signs when evaluating the pediatric patient with shortness of breath.
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Product Video

Alternative Airway Management using the King Airway

In this video, we will demonstrate how the Ambu King Airway is a good alternative airway management device. The King airway is a disposable and latex-free supraglottic device, acting as an alternative to conventional tracheal intubation.

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