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Curaplex IV Start Kit
Curaplex IV Start Kit
This convenient kit contains the items you need to quickly and effectively introduce an IV to a patient in an emergency setting. Conveniently packaged into one easy-to-use, compact kit, this set saves you precious time when it matters the most.
Curaplex IV Admin Sets - Negative Displacement
Curaplex IV Admin Sets - Negative Displacement
Curaplex® IV Administration and Extension sets are optimized to help improve patient outcomes and to protect the caregiver during I.V. Infusion. These sets are cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of IV needs, which come in a variety of configurations and lengths to meet your needs for patient procedures.
ClearSafe Safety IV Catheters
ClearSafe Safety IV Catheters
The cost-effective MedSource ClearSafe™ IV catheter is designed to allow caregivers easy and safe IV access.


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Learn about how to compare treatment recommendations developed from expert opinion and scientific evidence. After taking the Evidence-based Guidelines for EMS Providers healthcare provider will be better able to summarize how evidence-based guidelines benefit each player in an EMS system and identify resources available for development.
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Introducing the NIO by PerSys Medical

The NIO is designed to be easily injected into the tibia or humerus in all clinical and emergency settings. It is user-friendly and pocket-sized, includes double safety features, and doesnt require any external power source, allowing for vascular access in a manner of seconds.

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