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Persys NIO Intraosseous Device
Persys NIO Intraosseous Device
The NIO is an automatic intraosseous device packaged for safe, quick, and easy vascular access. No drills, no batteries, no extra parts.
TrueSafe Safety IV Catheters
TrueSafe Safety IV Catheters
The TrueSafe™ Safety I.V. catheter is designed to reduce hit-and-miss insertion attempts by immediately confirming vessel entry, enabling you to stay focused on the insertion site. The design allows for catheter blood flash observation incorporated into gauge sizes 20g - 24g. After threading, with the press of a button, the needle instantly retracts into the barrel chamber, helping reduce accidental needle sticks and making sharps disposal easier.
Curaplex IV Start Kit
Curaplex IV Start Kit
This convenient kit contains the items you need to quickly and effectively introduce an IV to a patient in an emergency setting. Conveniently packaged into one easy-to-use, compact kit, this set saves you precious time when it matters the most.



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After taking the CHF Vs. COPD course the healthcare provider will be better able to explain the benefits and limitations of lung sounds in patients with difficulty breathing, evaluate a patient�s vital signs to help distinguish CHF from COPD and distinguish CHF and COPD by obtaining a careful history from the patient.

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Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5 Overview

A user demonstration for the Powerheart AED G5 Automatic and Semi-Automatic, a dependable member of our automated external defibrillator family. The Powerheart G5 AED combines fully auto shock delivery, fast shock times, and dual-language functionality to help combat sudden cardiac arrest.

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