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The Splinting - Immobilization Product Lab page is a collection of products and information for researching EMS Splinting - Immobilization products.

It provides First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics with a variety of resources, including spec sheets, product videos, product reviews, product manuals, manufacturer studies and manufacturer profiles about Splinting - Immobilization products.

Featured Products

EZ LIFT Rescue System Turley Backboard Pad FASPLINT FullBody� Vacuum Splint
EZ LIFT Rescue System

With a breakthrough, patented design, EZ LIFT Rescue Systems™ reinvents the traditional backboard to make lifting safer and reduce on-the-job back injuries.

Turley Backboard Pad

The Turley Backboard Pad is a reusable, multi-purpose gel pad that can be heated or cooled to provide appropriate patient care.

FASPLINT FullBody� Vacuum Splint

Fasplint FullBody vacuum splint stabilizes a patient in the position most comfortable for them. It also provides full spinal immobilization from the head to the hip.

Turley Backboard Pad Co.
Hartwell Medical
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